Carbonated treatment??

Hello everyone! Summer season is right around the corner! You all know how difficult it is to beat the San Jose heat...

Today we would like to talk about one of the services we offer at K's Hair Salon that will help you feel REFRESHED while having younger, healthier hair. A win-win! We would like to introduce you to our Carbonated Scalp Treatment .

For our treatment we have paired with the trusty Japanese brand MILBON's PLARMIA age defying line.

Carbonated Scalp treatment is a popular service for both men and women in Japan, but why?

Here are the benefits of the Carbonated Scalp Treatment: -Silky, stronger hair .Anti Aging -Prevent Hair loss -Stronger and healthier hair & scalp With the power of Carbon dioxide, carbonated micro foams will penetrate deeply to your pores to gently lift and absorb any dirt, skin, excess oil, dandruff, and buildups that is left on your scalp. After the process,the pores will be more tightened, preventing hair loss.

Now we could go on and on with this blog, but why waste the time! Just give us a call and come experience the treatment!

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