Step closer to Silky Hair

We all know how hard it is to maintain a silky smooth hair, especially if you have colored hair. At K's Hair Salon , we are here to help you out with the Milbon's Linkage Meu 3 Step Treatment!

The Linkage Meu treatment will give you visible improvements of silky, smooth, shiny, strong, healthy, moisturized and pliable hair. This treatment is also formulated for all hair types, fine coarse and colored hair! Not just that, but to keep your hair looking just the way it does after a salon visit, this service also comes with a home care kit with four weekly boosters which will ensure to keep your beautiful hair for up to 5 weeks! Also each treatment steps have a different aroma to it (rose, jasmine, grapefruit..etc) trust us, after the treatment you will be flipping your hair around all day! Book an appointment here to get a step closer to Silky beautiful hair!

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